Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Planning

These are books we bought at last years Scholastic Warehouse Sale!
I got a little excited.....

It is that time again. To gather resources and plan our next couple months of study in more detail. I have our year outlined, but every couple of months I sit down and look at what we will be doing so I can make book and supply lists and plan any other fun activities we might want to do as well. This way I can track with my Kiddos progress as we go, giving focus to their current needs. I also like to set any needed goals and evaluate ones we are already working on.

On my planning list:

Create a Science Unit about Weather with a background theme of Rainbows that spreads to other subjects such as Art, and giving a basis for some fun preschool activities fitting the theme.

Art: Explore the colors of the rainbow and experiment with mixing colors. For the younger ones learn names of colors if not already known and play matching games.

Literature: Read books about Rainbows, Weather, and current Ancient Times studies (Story of the World).

Grammy Award Winner!
I bought the MP3 Album from Deseret Book.
The link below will take you there

Music Study: Create a fun unit based on Jenny Oaks Baker's "When you Wish Upon a Star". I would like us to listen to selections, identify each song within the selections (if you haven't heard it before click on the album title link. She has done amazing mixes of Disney Melodies with her Violin.). I hope to have some copywork pages, and worksheets for filling out song titles, instruments heard, Movies they are in, and a place for writing (or drawing) how the songs make them feel. We will probably spend about a week on each song.

As I have been jotting down ideas for these upcoming Mini Units (I call them "mini" because we usually only spend  from one to six weeks on them and they don't cover every subject) I decided I needed a better planning worksheet than what I already have on hand.

So I created these:

The above worksheets are for the initial brainstorming and gathering of ideas and resources. I may use several drafts of these until I get it right!
The worksheets below are for pulling it all together and planning when to implement all of the fun! I made two different kinds. One is just a general by week planning guide. I would use this one for lessons planned for the whole family, or if you are planning for only one child. The other worksheet is if you want to only view one week at a time and what each individual student will be working on. There are spots for up to 5 students ( because that's how many I have) but you could make extra copies for however many you needed. This one is good if you have many age ranges  and levels of study, so you can give individual assignments and projects required for each. Maybe you will use both...I probably will!

scroll down for the link!

Happy Planning!
What are you planning for Spring?

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