Friday, March 23, 2012

What's the Weather?

Weather is all around us. It effects pretty much everything we do.
We love spending time outside when the weather is nice!

For the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking at the weather and breaking it down, trying to solve some of it's mysteries. 

To help us I have gathered a few library books:

On the Same Day in March
a Tour of the World's Weather    By Marilyn Singer
*This one goes all over the world showing how the seasons are different in other places at the same time.

What's the Weather Today?   By Allan Fowler
*A quick little read (easy) that takes a first look at different types of weather

DK Nature Activities 
Weather watcher       By John Woodward
* This is a great little book with good explanations with pictures and activities to do, we are using this a lot throughout our study

Sequences of Earth & Space
Rain       By Andres Llamas Ruiz
*This book takes you through the water cycle with great illustrations

I face the Wind   By Vicki Cobb
*A fun book about air and what it does, with some activities to help promote your own observations about air.

The Rainbow and You    By E.C. Krupp
*Become a "Rainbow Watcher" with this book. It teaches about light and colors.

And we already had this book in our own library that we have used throughout our Earth Science studies this year:

(Reader's Digest) How the Earth Works    By John Farndon
*Lots of activities listed in this book and some good info, not very good for just reading from, but a good resource for planning and gathering facts.

I think I have planned this pretty well. I have used my Mini Unit Guide to plan it out and we have 8 weeks of weather study and activities all lined up. We are going to read stories, keep a weather log, and do lots of fun experiments. To keep track of it all I have created this Weather Journal:

Some other resources we will be using will include documentaries about weather that I find on Netflix and I have also downloaded a few things from Currclick:

Simple Days Unit Studies: All About Weather
*A nice little ebook with basic info about the weather 

My Little Weather Book
*A great preschool weather journal for my little ones

Whatever the Weather (Teacher Book Bag)
*Weather picture cards and weather word cards 

Looks like a cloudy/overcast day here today.....What's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Have a
Happy Day!

A blog I follow, livinglifeintentionally, posted a FREE weather unit on her blog. Go here to check it out or find her blog button on my sidebar.

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