Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wildlife Word Work & More!

Here I am is "quiet time" at my house. I have a few promised uninterrupted moments, where I get to do what I want....and my only response to interruptions is: "It is quiet time", translation: go back to your quiet area. I used be really good about having the Kiddos all have this time everyday, it has been harder as they get older and I have less that nap no more nappers. (sigh) But I have recently been trying to take back that quiet time. We all need it.

So without further ramblings here is what I am going to share with you today:

I created these Wildlife themed worksheets for my 5th grader.

This is the Vocabulary Worksheet:

These are story map worksheets:

I printed these front to back....

Next up...........
Blank cards for word wall or games and punctuation helpers!

for today:

This is a list of vocabulary helpers. Words that give movement and direction to sentences.

Get wild about Words!

That concludes my Word Work series for now. I am sure there is more to come in the future!

Happy Day!

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  1. Heidi,

    My name is Kari Franco. I work for the Cerritos Senior Center in Southern Ca. In July, I am coordinating an event known as Grandparent's Month where grandparents bring their grandchildren to a variety of activities. This year my theme is “Imagination, Illustration and Creation.” I will be teaching a lesson on story writing and then a company is coming in to choose a few stories to turn into a play. I am searching for resources to help me teach this concept and came across this little jewel. I wanted to know if I can have your permission to use this lesson, possibly as is, but perhaps with slight changes. Please feel free to email me at or call 562-916-8550.

    Thank you so much!
    Kari Franco
    Human Service Coordinator
    City of Cerritos
    Cerritos Senior Center