Friday, February 24, 2012

Preschool Phonics

Animal Talk:
A way to learn letter sounds.

The following activities are meant to be a fun way to learn letter sounds. From birth our children are subjected to the sounds that animals make. From their little stuffed animals to adults pointing at pictures or real -life animals and imitating the sounds they make.  Animal sounds are among the first "words" that a baby speaks.
Learning that letters make sounds is hard to grasp when you can't "hear" the letters speak.  That is why I created these cards and the following activities . These activities should help  beginning readers to understand letters have sounds like animals have sounds.  The child does not need to know the names of the letters to play these games, so you could do these activities with the very young. It is not important at this stage of learning to have a goal of mastery, Only a basic understanding, preparatory to beginning reading skills (although, these could also be used as a review game for children who have already begun other phonic and beginning reading programs or lessons). I recommend using only one or two letter cards in the activities at a time until the child can handle more. A good place to start is the letters in their name.

Next you will want to get these adorable Animal Talk cards:

If you don't have lower-case alphabet cards, or you are like me and like things to match, you will want to get these next:

Lower-case alphabet cards

Aren't you glad I learned how to share files? 

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