Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word Work Freebies

Okay...I have about 20 minutes. So I can sit here and post the next round of worksheets I told you about it my post yesterday.

I created these worksheets for my first grader, but they could easily be used from kindergarten to third grade.

I got the idea to have a space for a drawing on their vocabulary sheets from some other worksheets I saw on pinterest. I am glad I was finally able to implement at least one of the great ideas I have pinned!

Here are the blank word wall or flash cards to go along with this theme:

We use these on our Word Worm Wall and as flashcards or game cards.

Enjoy swimming with words Under the Sea!


The first set of vocabulary worksheets I made were the Pirate themed Word Work pages. That was before I planned on making something for all of my kiddos to have a Word Work workbook. Originally it was just going to be a worksheet on it's own and used when needed. Now I have turned it all into a weekly program that we are going to use (more on that in the future). So here is the Cover for the Pirate themed pages.

Next up will be the pages I made for my oldest who is 10. I have included a few extra things in hers to help with her grammar lessons.

(If you don't want to wait....look for me at hslaunch.....I have already shared the files there.....the link is on my left side bar)

Happy Day!

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