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 Meet our Tribe:

The Mr. and Mrs.

Highschool sweet hearts married for the past 14 years. We have Embarked on many adventures together from the military to parenthood, homeschooling, and growing a family in the mountains. Many adventures had. Many to come.

"Leelou" (13) 

 #2 (and 6)
"Bub" (11)

 "Monkey" (9)

"Diva" (7)

"Talks-too-much" (5)

"Champ" (1)

Arriving this Winter

 Still looking to learn more? 
Alright...you asked for it!

Our Nubian goats: Elsie and Nora

We are so excited to finally have a home and a property where we can raise some animals! What a great learning opportunity for us all! I grew up around dairy farms and all sorts of animals but never had the responsibility of raising them myself. My Hubby grew up with all sorts, and raised sheep for 4-H. This is a first time experience for our tribe.

Our purpose for beginning a small animal farm is to: help us become more self-reliant and to teach our tribe valuable lessons and skills needed for a fruitful and productive life!

We currently have two dogs, one cat, three goats, a dozen hens, one rooster, and two ducks. As soon as the baby boy goat matures and the girls are ready we will be working on breeding and trying out some goat milk! For now they serve the purpose of keeping the weeds trimmed......at least that what I wish they would do. Instead they eat every vegetative thing I would prefer them not to (see above photo) and laze around on the deck.....or exploring the house. Yes. I did say the house. Sometime I will post about those entertaining  moments.

We also are blessed to see this guy hanging around along with the rest of his friends that pass through, sometimes on a daily bases!

Cool huh? We think so.

Thanks for checking out our little blog. I really enjoy reading the blogs that I follow, and I hope you enjoy your time here. It's not much, and most of the time I don't have time to blog as I would like to. 


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