Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yep. I sure did.

And a funny thing happened...

A delicious breakfast of muffins and fruit was served.....
                  The kiddos did their chores...........
                                            We started our lessons relatively on time................
We received a surprise delivery from someone who cares about us! All of the kiddos were given new tied twin bed-sized fleece blankets! What a treat! Even soon-to-arrive-baby boy got one! We are so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives!

After all of THAT excitement we....
                             Continued doing lessons....and I thought about getting dressed, but didn't.
 The preschoolers at our house watched Sesame Street.

At break time everyone went outside for awhile.
                      They have really been into trying to get their bikes in working condition now that the weather has begun to warm.

After the wee break we kept plugging on..finishing up some spelling, writing assignments, and independent reading. 
Brought another surprise to our day.....
A very windy, fast moving, LARGE hail storm! It took us all by surprise...especially the two outside playing! We watched for awhile and hoped that this time there would not be any damage like the last surprise wind storm (fallen trees, missing shingles etc.). 
We were blessed and it passed quickly. Our power only flickered.

As we ate our lunch of Mac & Cheese with a hotdog we began watching a PBS special about Martin Luther on Netflix. He is one of our history topics this week. Once I was finished eating I decided to mix up a quick batch of cookies to appease a craving I have been having for coconut. I used a recipe I found the other day from called Cocunut Oatmeal Cookies II. They turned out to be just what I needed! Although I do wish that I had the white chocolate chips it called for, but our regular chocolate chips did the job just fine!

And yes, I was STILL in my pajamas with no inclination to change. At 31 weeks prego comfort trumps everything else! But just in case you are wondering here is a picture of me on a day I WAS wearing clothes:

Nonetheless, I feel our day was VERY productive despite the fact that I stayed in my PJ's all the live long day. The afternoon continued on with various activities of interest for the kiddos and some "teacher" work for me. I have a few projects up my sleeve I am trying to accomplish so that things will run smoothly as baby time arrives! A dinner of pork chops found it's way into the oven, my son caught his ride from the neighbor to his Cub Scout meeting, the girls and I cleaned up from dinner, and I am finishing this post that began as dinner was cooking.

The girls have now joined me in pajamas.

I am really grateful that I have reached a point of comfort in our homeschooling journey to be relaxed AND productive at the same time! 

Happy (pajama) Day!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stepping into the Future

Is anyone else totally overwhelmed by the speed of our technology? 
(Please say "yes" so I don't feel so old!)
Remember this family and all the amazing things THEY could do?
 Now think about what we've got going on! 

I am in the market for a new laptop so the Mr. and I went browsing yesterday while we had some kid-free time. I am so totally baffled. I am barely up to speed with my smart phone and Nook tablet, let alone figuring out a touch-screen laptop! And yet at the same time I find it extremely exciting to explore, learn and find new treasures to help educate our kiddos. The big pressure is that I have to stay on top of things in order to be able to teach and keep up with the things that our kiddos need to learn.

We live in an amazing time. But also it is filled with SO many things that we need to be careful of. It is my goal to learn and make use of the tools provided in order that they will:

  1. ENRICH our lives for the better.
  2. PROVIDE a way to optimize our time.
  3. NURTURE our love for learning.
  4. ADVANCE our knowledge.
  5. INFORM us of our surroundings so we can make wise decisions.
  6. SUPPORT our relationships with family and friends through all the ways we can communicate.
  7. ENJOY in a safe and uplifting way.
I really want to stay away from:

  1. DISTRACTION from the things that are important: GOD and FAMILY.
  2. WASTE filling in our time with things that do not benefit us.
  3. BECOMING reliant. It is still important to know how to do things the old fashion way.
  4. DISCONNECTING us from the need for verbal communication.
  5. KEEPING us from getting out into nature and the sun, and just unplugging for awhile.

I really hope that I am strong enough to keep to these goals and to direct my family to the same thing. It is exciting to see how far we have come in just my lifetime and mind boggling to think of where it might take us in our kiddos lifetime.

What do you think?

Happy Day!