Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Kiddos

I have such great kids. In their spare time this week a couple of my kids decided to paint pictures. My Kiddos are always creating and building. This coming school year I am going to try my best to give them more opportunity to use and better these skills. I have some books I will be previewing soon, and if they pass the test I will add them to my "Library" page.

I was blessed to be the recipient of their masterpieces. So I wanted to share them with you.

 My oldest Lyllian
"Mommy and Me walking through a nice field of flowers."

 Ephraim, who is my second oldest, and only boy.

"Mommy and Me standing outside in the green grass"

Ephraim also had fun making some creations out of our recycle box today while the girls were cleaning their room. He had me take pictures and since I am already on here, I will share these too!

"Red Jet"
(Isn't he just so cute with his missing two front teeth!) :-)
He made this after looking in one of our Handicraft books: "Things to Make and Do" a Child Horizons book by Douglas W. Downey and Karin Wisiol. I picked this book up in a Goodwill store a few years ago, and it is just now getting used to inspire some creativity!

"Tin Man & Tin Tin"
This idea came straight out of my Son's head. He asked if he could make some little men out of tinfoil.

Happy Day!

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