Friday, May 6, 2011

How was your Day?

Today truly has been a Happy Day! It has been one of those days that we have accomplished many things. 
I arose this morning and made the Kiddos some waffles for breakfast while they were watching various cartoons. As I began to fix plates I could here my Hubby up and moving around. I was glad he was up in time for waffles so I quickly made a  little more batter to make sure we had a enough to feed our little army. 

While doing this I could hear my wonderful Hubby switching the laundry around. Something I have failed to do the rest of the day (read the button on my sidebar..)! I invited him to come and join us for some yummy waffles, and we all had a great family breakfast.

After cleaning up from breakfast and sending the Kiddos to do their chores, I went to take a quick shower before heading to Sam's Club. I decided that this was a good time to take my HanaRose (who is 5) for some "Mom Time". I try to give my Kiddos each time with me by themselves whenever possible. This gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other better. With the sometimes crazy lifestyle we lead, it can be hard to set aside uninterrupted time with each of them.
We had a great time together getting the needed items and then a special drink at Sonic on the way home.

Now came the unloading- making lunch-eating lunch-getting Daddy out the door to work time. Everything went smoothly. No one was crying, fighting or unhappy. We heard stories of Violet and Daddy playing Barbies. Violet was Belle and Daddy was the Prince that wanted to marry her, but Belle didn't wan't to get married and he had to chase her all around the couch.  We finished eating and I helped my Hubby get his dinner together. He hopped on his bicycle right on time for his hour ride to work (I really don't know how he does that!).  

I put Evalynn down for her nap. Gave the kids instructions that they only had today and tomorrow to finish their projects they are working on. I have had them choose one of their favorite topics we studied this year to put together a little report or visual aid about. They will share this with us on Monday, and I am going to give them some Award Certificates for the things that they did best or improved the most on. Then we are going to celebrate by heading to the BEACH! I also hope to be able to put together a slide show of photos for us to watch and remember all that we have accomplished this year. I plan on working on that tomorrow.

Ephraim made some more  crafty creations, the girls did some coloring and I worked on the computer, organizing some playlists of music we are going to be learning soon on my ipod, and checking email.

This was actually taken just a few minutes ago by my son. 

Evalynn woke up. We picked up our messes. Gathered up the library books and headed down to swap them out. It was a quick trip before dinner. There were a few books that I had requested that were ready to be picked up. The kids picked some new selections, and I found some princess music to bring home for my pretty Princess Violet.  
"Take my picture being sad Mommy!"
This does't illustrate the Princess I mentioned so here is one from her birthday in January:

Dinner was easy leftovers or PB & J. Somehow we got on the topic of music and they begged me to get out my trumpet. So we got from the garage, blew the dust off and I let them all blow to make various amusing sounds. I tried to play. Which I haven't done in years and years and years (no joking)! Lyllian and Ephraim expressed an interest in learning, so maybe I will find us some books and see if I can dig up the dusty talent to teach them how to play.

 After clean up I sent my older two to wash the dogs. HanaRose found a toad to play with. Violet played some piano for me and then went out and did tricks on the Trampoline, and Evalynn walked around watching it all.

I don't think he is enjoying it much.

 Violet playing and singing.

Now I am reporting to you and the Kiddos are playing happily behind me. Lyllian is brushing one of her doll's hair, the others are playing with lace cards. They all have on their pajamas and I intend on concluding this evening with reading to them (something new because we just finished the first Boxcar Children book) from the hallway while they are in their beds, like I do most nights.

So tonight I truly feel as if I can say:

Happy Day!

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  1. Brilliant work! Thank you so much for this!