Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Days

The following post is now located on the "Happy Days" page of my blog.

Wondering how we organize our homeschool days?

 This page is where I will try to post our general routines. Being a family of 7, it helps me tremendously when I have a routine in place of when, where, and what we are doing. However, it also increases the chance that life disrupts this routine. We are having a really great day when it can be followed without interruption or a need to rearrange. I don't view our routines as something that have to be done, but as a guide, signs that point us in the right direction that help us organize the time in our day. 

Here is what we do on a "normal" day to get started:

I have this poster hanging in our Kitchen. It helps keep us on track. I cut out some pictures from magazines and used stickers to help illustrate to my non-readers what they should be doing. Some days things flow naturally, but others we have to read the poster to remember what should be done with our time. 

Right now I am being a little relaxed with requiring that my Kiddos be dressed and have their chores completed before breakfast because Dad is currently on an evening shift at work and needs to be able to sleep later than the rest of us. So we are waiting until after breakfast is eaten to get dressed and tidy up the house. 

I am going to be working in a few other things into our "Scripture" study time before we write in our journals this summer. Once I get that going I will make sure and post the changes. I am really excited to implement some of my new ideas. 

I have been so blessed to receive answers to my prayers and guidance to know how to direct our homeschool. All of my Kiddos learn differently and it can be a challenge at times to meet individual needs. We have tried lots of different approaches. Some have stayed, some have gone, and some have been put on the shelf for another time.

It does help me to look at and read about the way others are conducting their homeschools, but I also have to remember that each family is unique, as are the individuals that make up the family. I am grateful to those who have written about their homeschool experiences and helped me to find what works for us. 

Happy Day!

In case you are wondering...The comic on the bottom of our poster has a monkey sitting at a desk working and it  reads " As you can see, we take our Monkey Business Seriously".  I liked it because it helps us to remember to have FUN and it's okay to be SILLY while we are learning and working. I also frequently refer to my Kiddos as "Monkeys".


  1. Hmmm, I'm thinking that I'll have to make a poster like this as well. Our morning routine is very similar. Well, it tries to be anyway. We also have 5 kiddos about the same ages as yours. 9, 7, 5 (6 next month), 3 and 14 months.

  2. I am not sure who the poster helps the or my Kiddos, but it does help! Wow, they are all almost the exact 5 year old will be 6 next month too...Thanks for reading!