Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going against the Grain

We have just finished some of our lessons that were planned for the year, and have gotten bored with some others. So for the past month I have been researching new things and ordering the next books to curriculum that we are using. Then I started worrying over starting something new when we are about to end the school year and have our summer break. I was stressing out about filling voids of lessons where we finished, because I didn't want to start the next lessons only to stop in a month for our summer break.
Last year we took the whole summer because we went on a long trip visiting family and friends across the States. This year we will be staying close to home and utilizing the pool in the back yard and the beach that is only an hour away.
After pondering our up coming schedule I asked myself  "Why don't we just decide to have school year round?"  It saves so much time and energy in loosing the routine. Since I already am in need of new material to fill in this last month...why not just graduate us to the next level all together? My two oldest are ready....and the younger ones are craving more as well. I know I have thought about it before but have tossed the idea just because I wanted my lazy summer. But lets get real.....am I ever going to have a lazy summer? No. Can we include swimming as one of our activities....YES! Can we relax our routine to allow for the feeling of a break, and even take a week off here and there as needed?...YES! Will my sanity be saved if my kiddos still have a routine they can abide by?....YES!

Sometimes it is just so overwhelming to realize that we have control over what we do, when, and how we do it.  As long as we are keeping to our goals and everyone is moving forward, then...WHY NOT? It is easy to forget that one of the reasons why we are educating our kiddos at home is so that we can develop in them a love for learning.
 Does celebrating the end of our lessons teach this?.....not really.....Does celebrating the success of what we have learned, and then pressing forward with new goals to achieve, teach this....ABSOLUTELY!
 I know I have realized that learning never stops....but have my kiddos realized that yet....no.  How can I show them? By continuing to educate them and feed their need for knowledge!

Happy Day!

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