Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog updates

I decided to give myself this morning to work on our blog. I spent some time testing out some of the available options and moving things around here and there. Now lunch is over and so I must change attentions to other things...such as the laundry. I am excited that I learned how to add pages with the tabs at the top. There is no information located on those pages yet, but I really wanted to get them up to see what they would look like. I will probably work on that during the following week.
I have been very happy with the kids today. Lyllian made oatmeal for breakfast without being asked. They even cleaned up after their breakfast without being told while I was in the shower! I have been giving all of my attention to the computer so far today, but my kiddos have been having a good time playing in the back yard. I did have one mess to clean up, when the little girls decided to paint pretty pictures on the wall of my closet....but it was the washable kind of paint, so it was a survivable event. All in all we are having an excellent Saturday and I hope you are too!

Happy Day!

I just had to add the button on my side bar that has the little girl peeking over the fence......Yesterday my HanaRose  climbed over our fence and was in the neighbors yard! She wanted to pet their little dog, never mind that she has two of her own! My kiddos are also known to use the step ladder to talk to the neighbors over the fence.

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