Saturday, April 16, 2011

Summer's approaching

The weather is warming up. The kids have grown out of their clothes. The bugs are attacking. The lessons are coming to an end. Yes, I think summer is coming upon us. I have mixed feeling about it. It seems as if we have just gotten our feet firmly on the ground for this years lessons and figuring out what's working and what's not. After our break it will begin all over again. The quest for the perfect routine, the best books, the funnest games, and how to keep it all organized! I already have plans for our future studies, and am working on collecting all of the needed resources. My big goal is to be better prepared this next year.
 I do look forward to the break, but I also look forward to beginning again. There is so much I have learned this year and hope to improve our learning system in the next. I can thankfully see the signs that my kiddos did in fact learn and retain a number of lessons from our past year. I have been watching this month and going back over our goals that were set to see if we have made those goals. At times I have felt like we haven't accomplished enough but when I calm and remember to keep it simple, I can see the changes. I am proud of all the kiddos and their accomplishments. As Mommy I can sometimes forget to be proud of me too.....but I am. We've made it through and I still want to be Mommy with all that comes along with that title. I am excited to make our new goals and work hard once again however, summer will not stop our learning. We have many plans to keep us growing an learning. We are going to be involved in the library summer reading programs...taking field trips....going swimming.....painting the house.......sewing......baking....and many other things that are hard to fit in the rest of the year.
Happy Day!

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