Monday, April 4, 2011

Ask Dad: Lessons at Dinner

My husband, Jed and our daughter Violet (3)

It always amazes me the opportunities my kiddos find to learn all on their own. It delights me to know that their minds are always thinking and reaching for new information to absorb. On that same note, I am also amazed at the wealth of knowledge that lives inside of my husbands brain, ready to come forth at any moment of question. Unlike me, he does not need to run to the book shelf, library or computer to study up and then report on any number of questions that our kiddos ask. The answer is always ready and waiting....sometimes a little over zealous for a 3 to 9 year old mind.  This is when I do become some what beneficial in translating the information in a more elementary approach. Tonight we all received a lesson on vision and the inner workings of our eyes. This stemmed from a simple curiosity from my son, 7 years of age, who wanted to know how he was able to only see "one" view when his eyes are separated by his nose. I am not sure how much of the conversations seeped into our younger audience but, the older two were expressing great interest with new questions arising at every explanation. So without any planning, stressing, or studying on my part...the kids received a very good lesson on a vital part of their bodies. I am sure that they will remember more from that lesson than any reading of text book could give them. They also learned that Dad knows a lot, and is very capable of teaching them, all they have to do is ask. It reminds me to be always watchful and listening to their current interests and curiosities, to find those greater teaching moments. School is never "over". The learning never stops.

Happy Day!

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