Monday, February 14, 2011


My cute, adorable, sweet 3 year old, IS DRIVING ME INSANE! Today, every time she has something to say to me it begins with:
Most of the time she also has forgotten what she wants to say, if it was anything in the first place. I know she is just trying to collect all of the attention, but it is seriously giving me a migraine.  It is great and wonderful to be Mommy, but sometimes don't you just wish you could change your name for the day? My kids find it funny that sometimes I actually do that. I tell them that "Mommy" is not here today so don't ask for her. Of course this doesn't actually work. In moments like these I also often refer them to Daddy when he is home. It amazes me sometimes how both Daddy and I can be sitting at the table, and yet every comment, concern, need, or want, starts with "Mommy". This is when I beg of them to please talk to Daddy as well, so that Mommy can enjoy a bite of food. I may be frustrated at times with being summoned so often, but when I have calmed I can see that they just  LOVE Mommy so MUCH! It is nice to be loved. That is after all what this Valentines Day  is about. Being loved, and showing your love. Kids show their love through every action, whether it be by hugs and kisses, begging that Mommy carry them up to bed, or that only Mommy can help them get dressed. It's all because they just love Mommy.


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