Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Fever

I think it has begun. The weather is warming at our house and is causing an influx of energy. After our 3 day weekend it took almost all day yesterday to get my kiddos to complete all of their tasks. I am glad to be able to send them outside and am finding that they need a 15 minute run a couple of times in the morning. We like to try and complete all of our constructive learning before lunch time and save the rest of the day for play, projects, sports, and field trips. Most days we are able to accomplish just this, others....not so much.  I am working on gearing up for a change after our much needed spring break next month. Number one, we have been able to do some rearranging in our home and  now have a space to dedicate as "the classroom". Mostly I am excited to put our work spaces in one location, and get some more book shelves to organize it all! It will be exciting to not have to clear the kitchen table of learning materials before eating. Although I am sure most of our learning will still be mobile, and done where will be nice to have a classroom. I am also changing our learning schedule a bit to jazz it up and get rid of the boredom that seems to have seeped in all of a sudden. We are going to do more projects and less book work for awhile and also be playing lots of outside games. It should be lots of fun and help to keep the little ones be more entertained. I hope to share some of our projects as the emerge.One change has already taken place and that is that we are attending our home school group Co-op classes every Friday. This is something that the kids and I really enjoy. It is nice to be able to socialize, for the kids to be able to learn from others, and just plain get us out of the house! I find that change is good when it comes to home learning. When we get stuck doing the same old, same old, day after wants to learn anymore. But when we change our schedule and mix up the subjects a makes learning lots of fun!
Happy Day!

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