Friday, July 22, 2016

Where to find me now (this blog soon to be archived)

Hello dear old friends!
This is just a quick note to tell you where I can be found now. I am no longer keeping an exclusive homeschooling blog-life has developed into so much more, as it often does.

We are still homeschooling, #7 did arrive safe and sound-she is almost 2! Where does the time go to?

In the time I have been away lots has happened:

Now Open! 

Twisted & Plied- all about my fiber arts obsession. I have learned how to spin yarn! We are also raising these adorable fiber goats. Learn more about it at

And Also:

The fun I had learning to spin, process raw fiber and developing my knitting talents for my new business, led to an opportunity for me to teach more than just in our homeschool! There is a growing desire for learning self-sufficient skills and God has called me to help educate those that seek it. So I have started a program that offers local (Idaho) workshops, and also online information, that is geared towards: "Preserving Traditional Skills in a Modern World".

Lylli drew this for me-isn't she talented?!

This site will be launched next week, and at that time this homeschooling blog will officially become archived. I will be using my posts from this site to aid in teaching about homeschooling and providing Ebook guides on the new site. I haven't completely abandoned writing about homeschooling! It is still a very much real and important part of our lifestyle!

The launch of this program will be announced on the Twisted & Plied website as well as my Facebook page. Please follow there so that you can join me again! 
Thanks so much for being my friend here and I hope that you will come with us on the new adventure!

A Special Invite:

Because you are following this blog, I want to give you the opportunity to be among the first to sign-up for the Newsletter and Raffle announcements. You can do that now:Receive the very first issue!

Thanks for following Happy Day Homeschooling!

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