Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A quick summary

Okay, so not doing so good with the homeschool blog.
I do have plans for this blog, they are just slow at getting produced. It almost like I have six kids and am prego with number seven or something.....

This  new school year has brought some changes and tweaking to our we even have a norm? Seems like something is  always changing every year. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that we don't run a school, we live our lives.

We are still ironing out some wrinkles and the routine is just beginning to settle. Which is good because I want to share about what our typical routine looks like eventually.

I was recently having complications with this pregnancy and the medication that I was on for hypertension. Functioning was not possible for about three months. I had severe fatigue and weakness. The children learned a lot of "life lessons". The good news is my new medication is working much better and I feel functional again- well as much as any woman can at seven months prego! With my renewed energy I have started doing things like getting back into cloth diapering my toddler and prepping to do the same with the new baby by sewing some of my own! I am also working on a whole new project which I will reveal at a later date! don't let the suspense keep you awake at night! I want you awake when I make the announcement!

Happy Day!


  1. I am glad you're doing better. I am amazed at how well you handle home schooling and six, soon to be seven kiddos. I like reading your occasional updates, and seeing the pictures of your kids, they've all gotten so big and I'm sure someone is very happy he finally has a brother:)
    Don't feel so bad I am horrible at updating my blog as well. Best of luck with the remainder of the pregnancy and hope everything goes great. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Laura! I hope you go follow my new sites so we can keep in touch! If you email me at my public email: I will send you my personal one in case you don't have it. I am also on Facebook. Would love to touch base with you!