Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Be ye Perfect...."

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."
-Matthew 5:48

Our new Scripture Study for the next couple of months is going to be focused on virtues of the Savior. 

We have a serious need in our household to re-visit the importance of the Beatitudes.

I have noted that several of my blogging friends have begun using the We choose Virtues program. It looks wonderful and would totally use it...but it will have to wait until the budget can fit it in. So until then.....
I have taken a few resources I have on hand and a program I have used in the past and smooshed them together into one study.
Lat year I took the Beatitudes as explained by Gordon B. Hinckley (a Prophet of the LDS church) and developed a book listing our family rules under each "B" as they applied, along with consequences and blessings of those behaviors. I still have it all put together so there was no work to do there. ( I will try to seek it out on my hard drive someday so I can try to pass it on for anyone interested). 

I also purchased and downloaded this book onto my Nook about a year ago:
It is a well put together program meant to be used for FHE (family home evening). I have used it as a guide in putting together the study we will do. I have chosen a few of the virtues that I feel we need to work on in our home. I will read the scripture stories that the author has written about and we will also use the scripture references. The author also has included Hymns to be sung, I have kept some of the songs but have chosen to use some different ones that I feel would be easier for my Kiddos to learn (because I want them to actually remember the songs in hopes it will remind them in a moment when behavior needs corrected). I have used the Church's music website to print off the songs and download the MP3 (which is all FREE in case you didn't know). Here is the link.

If you haven't figured it out yet I love to teach through creating Journals. It is very similar to notebooking, in fact you could probably say it was the same thing with a different name. 
With our study of the Book of Mormon we used regular composition notebooks, but I wanted to mix things up a bit for this new study. So I have sat down at my computer for hours and made some journal pages outlining the things that I want us to focus on in this study. Each Journal starts off with having the song "I'm trying to be like Jesus" in the front. This is going to be our "theme" song for the whole study. I have also included the song "Our Primary Colors" so we can have a quick song to sing as a reminder as to what we are trying to do everyday. Following that I have the Beatitudes sheet that you see at the top of this post. Then comes a "Be (Grateful  )" page that includes a short spot for a journal entry. 

Then comes the song that goes with the first virtue that I have put under that Beatitude. 
After the song comes the virtue page:

It includes a spot for a definition, scripture reference, and story resource. Along with the stories that came in the Teaching Christ-like Virtues in the Home book I have found a few articles from the Friend and printed them to read. My plan is to focus on one Virtue each week, but I have several listed under the 6 B's so we will focus on the "B's" for longer. 

After the virtue page I have printed off a dictation (or copywork) page that I have in our K-5 Language Arts program from Love to Learn.  I plan on having them write a scripture or other quote that pertains to the virtue. Normally to save paper I copy everything front to back but this time I left them blank so they can use that side to draw pictures. I find that it holds their attention if they can draw while we are singing or I am reading a story. 

I just repeat this sequence for every virtue under ever "B" for the whole journal. The Teaching Christ-like Virtues in the Home book also had journal prompts and suggested activities at the end of each lesson. We may or may not use these. I will probably use the journal prompts for my older Kiddos for writing in their regular journals sometimes and if the activity inspires us then we'll try it out. 

So there you go. My long winded explanation of our new study focusing on the virtues of Christ and how we can become more like Him. I hope to gain a more peaceful atmosphere in our home and to find the Kiddos doing things for one another and being obedient (no questions asked!). 

If this is something you would like to try or if you have a need for some virtue journal pages for your own study you may get the journal pages I created here:

* You are welcome to Pin and to share as much as you like....I just ask that you use it for personal or classroom use only. Do not sell or copy. And please link to my blog post NOT the download link. 
Thank You!

Happy Day!

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