Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn Days

Okay so I have a  few moments to work on this post that I have been needing to do. I have a great many things to share with ya'll and they just keep adding up as the days go by. So here it goes:

I posted awhile back about us starting our Scripture Journal studies. And then I couldn't share pictures because I left my camera with my Hubby...but now I have it back! This has been one of those things that has been such a success for us that I have just been bursting at the seams to share it. It has become my favorite part of the day, which is good because it is the first lesson that we do! The kid seem to enjoy it too. They are even getting into such a routine that when I call them they will automatically get out the supplies we need! WooHoo! I love it when that happens!
So just to share really quick again. I have seen and had the thought that we should scripture journal, and then I was reminded of it in a blog post at Latter-Day Homeschooling. You can read my thoughts on that post here.

Here is how we are doing our Scripture Journals:
I bought everyone a composition notebook (including myself).

I found free LDS Clipart HERE that I print out for the lessons. If there aren't any pictures available...we just draw our own. But I find it keeps their hands busier and holds their interest more if they have picture to cut, glue, and color.

 I teach the lesson from our Scripture Stories books that we ordered from our church. Right now we are studying The Book of Mormon. (I shared the links for these in my other post.)

We also read selections from our Scripture when want a more in depth look or when we want to mark or write a note about a specific scripture.

I am also incorporating a Hymn study into our journaling. I have been printing a copy for each child from that corresponds with the lessons. I don't do it for every lesson, because I really want them to learn the ones we practice. To practice them we always start our lesson with a song that we know, a prayer, and then one of the new songs we are practicing. I have also downloaded the mp3s so we can have the music on my Ipod.

The very first song in our book is "Book of Mormon Stories". This one fits the entire study so we put it on the very first page.

I usually introduce the title of the chapter and have everyone label their page. For the younger ones I write it on the white board for them to copy. My oldest usually helps the preschooler by writing it for her to trace. While they finish writing I will begin reading the lesson and asking questions. At some point I will pass out the pictures for them to cut out, glue, and color while we finish the lesson. Once the lesson is finished we recap with some narrations and then everyone writes down something about what was read. Here are a few more examples of our journaling experience:

I also am keeping one and am trying to be creative in my colors and designs to give them inspiration. Sometimes they will copy me, and other times they only use it as a model and modify it with their own colors and orientations.

What I love best about this study is that we study the most important topic, get in some reading, writing, spelling, and art. We also get in a little history and geography from time to time which ties in perfect to our Ancient Civilizations (we are using The Story of the World) that we are studying.The little ones are able to practice with cutting and pasting and we all have a good time! I love the fact that everyone is gathered around the table and even the little ones are happy to sit and color so they can be a part of the lessons. 
And if we get nothing else completed on a crazy or sick day...I feel no guilt because we did so much in one lesson!

On to the next topic.......(yes this is going to be a really long post because if I don't get it said now, it may never get on here.)

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love all of the beautiful colors it produces and the cooler, but not too cold of weather that sweeps in. It's the introduction to the time of year when people begin to celebrate and prepare for the holidays. It is for this reason that we celebrate in some of the Halloween traditions. I would say we actually celebrate Harvest. It is just so much fun to be able to go and pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! Next year I hope we have our very own to pick from. 

We told the Kiddos that if they could carry it, they could have it! It was a true search for everyone to find their perfect pumpkin!

This year was especially fun because the weekend we chose to go, there happened to be a Fall Festival going on at the farm. We took advantage and made our own carmel apples! Yum!

It was a GREAT family Day!

Next came to carve the perfect face for the perfect pumpkin......with so many little hands, and Dad's hand unavailable, Mom's hand were very sore. But I do have to say I think these were the best ones we have done so far!
These two little girls (Evalynn & Violet) really got into pulling out the guts! Which was perfect because that is my least favorite part!

HanaRose didn't mind getting her hand dirty either!

Lyllian was relieved to find that her pumpkin didn't have much to empty out as big as it was!

Ephraim's took forever to cut through the top...just look at how thick that is!

For our faces we used the ever-handy Internet and found some free printables and good tips on carving. We used thumbtacks to tack the pictures to the pumpkin and then and small round tool (we didn't have an actual "pumpkin punch" so we just used whatever was in the tool box) to punch holes around the design. I have to say that made it soooo much easier to cut!

Here is Ephraim's:



Violet's, Evalynn's and Mine:

And last but not least for my blog topics for today (and probably another month)....
We have found our new house!! The loan is being processed and we are just waiting on all of the inspections and for the bank to say "okay let's get this home loan closed!" and then to put the keys into our crippled-from-signing-so-many-papers hands. We are super excited!

I have always wanted to live in a log cabin......
We have found a house on a property that we think will provide a very nice home for us to raise our Kiddos in for the next couple of years. Our record so far of living in one house has been 3 years. I aim to break that record this time! We should have a good chance at that since we are no longer a military family and we are buying in a place of our choosing and my Hubby is working for a company he really likes and has prospects for growth in. 

We should be able to begin moving in by the end of this month. At that time I am planning on us having our winter break and lessons will resume in full force after the new year. That will give us a month to unpack around the holidays.

Happy Day!


  1. I LOVE this idea! Do you do your journal the same time as the kids or do you do it ahead of time? (brenbren13 at ymail dot com

  2. I did my journal at the same time! We had so much fun learning together! And the end result was such a fun book for them to go back to for reference to scripture and hymns. I look forward to do that type of study again in the future, but this year we will be doing things a little differently. thanks for the comment!
    Happy Day!