Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Activity

I created this little activity for my Kiddos today. Thought I would share.

There are lots of little hands around here that need to be kept busy. I am always saving containers and trying to find a use for them. Today it was a peanut butter jar that inspired me. Enjoy!

Print two of the Valentine Shake and Find game board. Cut apart the pictures of one and place in a clear lidded container. I taped some pennies to the backs of some of my pictures to add weight because they were all wanting to stay in the same place. Then fill the container with rice, beans, sand or whatever else you can think of. I used rice for this one, and we even colored it by mixing in a couple of drops of red food coloring! Now we have fun red and pink rice!

Have student Shake the container and Find the pictures. When they find a match, have them put something on the game board. Tomorrow I am going to set out a bowl of heart candies for them to use. How ever many pictures they find is how many they will get to eat! 

If you would like further instruction and ideas go here for my Shake and Find Instructions.

Happy Day!

p.s. I am new at sharing please tell me if my method did not work out! I will try and get it to you another way if it doesn't! Also please respect that I have made this for personal or classroom use only. Thank You!

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