Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remodeled and freshened up

I have been sitting here all day just like I said in my earlier post. 

I feel good about all that I have accomplished. (even if there is a permanent bum mark on my seat!) There are several changes on my blog that I am sure you can notice right away. 

The Header and Background:  I wasn't planning on changing all that....but then I remembered that the other day while I was blog surfing I cam across someone who had the exact same theme going on, which I am sure there are many more that are duplicated.....but I wanted to be different. So I changed the background and then made my own Header. That took most of my time. 

The Layout: I wanted to balance things out a bit. That is all.

The Page Bar: This is not finished....but it is actually useful now, compared to before when I had pages with nothing in them. I hope to fill them up more as time progresses. I am using them as deeper insights to each subject of study that we use in our homeschooling. There are a few more Pages still under drafting, but this is a start!

Side Bar Topics: I moved, deleted and added things to the side bars. Feel free to Explore!

Other: I made you a cute little Welcome sign. I was going to try and figure out how to add other fancy things....but gave up. Some other day maybe.

And now you are thinking "Gee she is really obsessed with her blog"

But I have to compete with all of the other cute blogs out their....and that requires effort!

Still to come is for me to figure out how to best share some of my creations for your printing pleasure.
Maybe tomorrow.

The phone is going to ring any moment, and it is going to be my Hubby telling me he is on his way home. So that means I have approximately 30 minutes to zoom around getting things in order and starting he won't see how much of a slacker I have been today!

Happy Day!

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