Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready, Set, PRINT!

A note to fellow homeschool and teacher blogs:

Please stop giving me so many great ideas! I have file after file of free downloads (thanks to you). So many things to print and create fun for my Kiddos! Do you not realize that my printer is on the edge of being worn out?? It is so frustrating to have so many great things that I want to print, but can't because my printer has brain damage!

This winter has created blogging monsters setting traps wherever I go to ensnare me into their net of creative goodies.....I just can't stop myself. I am addicted to finding free printables and fabulous ideas! Each time I read someone's blog I have to click on a great link they have, then I find another great link, and it is never ending! 

I don't even have time to share all of my great finds. Watch out because one of these days I will catch up and I will get these activities printed and get pictures of us using them and then I will write a a post full of creative goodies for you to be trapped in with the never ending clicking, downloading, printing tunnel vision. Mwwuuhahahaha!

But until then keep a close eye on my Button seems to be growing almost daily (along with my pinterest boards).

Happy Day!

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