Friday, January 6, 2012

ready....set....GO! what I feel about getting back to our day to day routine. How wonderful it is to be in our own home again, eating at our own table, and sleeping in our own beds. What a comfort H-O-M-E is.

So now that we have survived the moving and holiday madness, unpacked most of the boxes, and get to return to normal living (whatever that may be) we have dug back into our lessons. Driving full speed ahead (toot toot) everyone is on board and ready to go. This time I chose to dive right into our full schedule, not waiting for an adjustment time. It has worked out well and I am content with what we have accomplished this week.

Everyone was excited to get back to our Scripture Journaling. In the future when we take a break, I plan on continuing this part of our studies, as it is the most important. We picked right back up where we left off, and I am pleased to witness that they all actually remember what we have learned previously including songs and what is expected of them during this part of our day. It still remains to be my favorite part of our lessons time.

To get us started with our week and the New Year, they all filled out a worksheet that I came upon on Pinterest (sorry, I didn't save the link for the printable) that has questions pertaining to highlights from 2011 and goals for 2012. It was surprising what I learned from reading (or penning for the younger crew) each of there responses. Lyllian would like to learn "the french language".(Guess I better make it my goal to find her a language program. I welcome your resource finds!) 

 Ephraim wants to continue learning math and can't wait until he finishes his spelling book.

HanaRose had very admirable goals for this next year. She would like to "be an artist" and "be a better big sister". The hardest thing she did last year: "climbing a pine tree".

Violet's responses consisted of Barbies and princesses being the best things of 2011 and she also wants to continue to play both of those in the coming 2012.

Evalynn was not a participant in this activity, as she was napping. But I can bet her answers would have to do with babies, puppies, kitties, candy and the like.

I on the other hand have several goals for this coming year. Some are habit changing and others are just things I would like to accomplish. I have begun getting up before my Hubby goes to work and sending him out the door with breakfast and a hug. This has propelled me to rise earlier and be more prepared for when the Kiddos get up. I am also able to have a bit of mom time, which in turn gives me a better start to the day. Some of the things I would like to have completed this year are: add some biographies to my reading list, plan and execute a garden, meet all of our new neighbors (and remember their names) and various home improvement projects. It is going to be a good year.

Happy Day! (and Happy 2012)

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