Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What are your thoughts?

This article:  What teachers really want to tell parents was posted on facebook today. I thought it brought up an  interesting view point from a public educator. It also gave me one more reason why I am glad we home educate. Before pulling my Kiddos from the public system they had some good teachers. The teachers were not the reason we left. In fact I was sad to say good bye to some of them. I did not doubt their ability to educate my children...what concerned me was the boundaries they were given to do it, and the little say we the parents had in what they should or shouldn't be learning. Here are my comments to this post:

Raising and educating our children is a hard job, for the parent and the teacher. There are too many un-involved parents and the government has too much power over the education of our children.I am glad I teach my kiddos at home. I get to be BOTH the concerned parent and the objective teacher. I am grateful for the teachers out there who are dedicated to giving as much as they are allowed to the education of  children, it is an important job, second only to being an active and loving parent. When I pulled my kiddos from the public system it was not because of a teacher issue...I liked the teachers, it was the system that was failing our expectations. Thanks for posting the article it was an interesting read!

I am glad to have read the article today. It is strengthening to me to remember the issues that need to be dealt with in the public system. As hard as it can be at times to have all of my kiddos at home, I would not want to be arguing with the school about what is best for my child. We are so blessed that we are able to educate our Kiddos in the safety of our own home.

If you are a home educator: be glad and give it all you have. Don't sweat the small stuff. Know that you know your children and what is best for them.

For my friends who use the public system of education: Be INVOLVED and make your concerns and appreciation known. Don't sweat the small stuff.  Know that you know your children...and that they are yours not "theirs"!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the importance of monitoring the education of our children!

Happy Schooling! 

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  1. I often get so annoyed about the lack of involvement of parents. I know we are all busy, but when you do not show an interest in your childs education it is a huge disservice to them. I considered doing one of the online public schools at home, but decided I would at least wait until Joshua gets a good understanding of classroom expectations, seeing as how he so easily ignores me. He is definetly my most strong willed child! We are in the process of moving to Denver, and I am seriously considering a charter school at the least. We'll see where we end up. You are amazing to me to be able to have the patience to teach your kids. I know I could do it, but I think right now is not a good time, maybe someday!