Thursday, August 25, 2011

I think I can....I think I can....I think I can

The Big Yellow Moving Truck that Could

We have packed up and moved 2,000 miles north west from where we were. I am absolutely exhausted. I keep thinking one more good nights sleep is all I need...but I am still dragging today. We have actually only not be transient for three days. So I am trying to go easy on myself. I am so eager to get the kiddos back into a normal schedule and have them settled in here at their grandparent's house. I figure by the time we do, it will be time to move into a new house and start all over....not that I am complaining about moving into our own home...I welcome that event to come A.S.A.P.

Here is an overview of our last couple of weeks:

* My mother-in-law arrived to help pack & drive
* We packed
*My husband arrived (with 4 days off) and we organized a load for him to drive with our truck a trailer...he left after being home for 24 hours and drove the distance in 2 days, unloaded and went back to work the following day.

*We celebrated Lyllian's 10th Birthday!
Yes...that is a sombrero she is's a new birthday thing we do.

*We went to Church
*We picked up the 26ft moving truck and dropped off the kiddos at a friends house.
*We loaded up the truck in 103 degree weather that felt like 110....ALL DAY!
*We went out to dinner and then slept on the floor
*We cleaned up our messes and last minute bits and pieces.
*We got in and DROVE as far as we could, and slept.
*Repeat of the above
*We arrived at my brother-in-law's house. The kids played with cousins.

My HanaRose  was so sad to leave. She wouldn't smile for a picture.

*We drove some more and was able to meet up with my hubby where he was working on contract. We slept.
*We drove some more until we arrived at our first destination but not the final. We went swimming in the hotel pool and then went to sleep.
*We UNLOADED the 26ft truck into a storage unit. (Let me just say this was another story all together!).
*We drove all NIGHT(6 hours) and arrived here at my In-laws home that is to be our home until further notice.
*We gave THANKS to God for all of our safe travels!
*I have been attempting to sleep as much as possible. The kiddos have been running and running...anything but sitting!

So now, today I decided to unload the boxes of school books and try to get things organized and prepared. I would like us to get back to school on Monday. One thing I know I needed to do was print out and bind more pages for my planner I created for this year. But as I looked through the things I brought with me...I discovered that I did now but the binding machine in with the items to come here instead of stay in the storage unit. So now.....once again I get to make a WHOLE new planner and put it in a bulky binder. It will all be fine I know. What does it really matter if it is bound with the machine or in a 3 ring binder...the same job gets done.

Happy Day!

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