Wednesday, September 14, 2011

thank YOU!

I am feeling very greatful today to all of you AWESOME Moms out there who post your creative ideas and lessons. It makes my day so much easier when I find what I am looking for from a blogging friend.  I really appreciate all the things that you do and the printables you put together and share FOR FREE!

I've added a new button for Confessions of a Slacker Mom. I found her site through a Latter-Day Homeschooling "Found on the Web" posting (Thanks for all the great links today!). I am very impressed with Confessions of a Slacker Mom's Walk Beside me Preschool Curriculum. She must have spent hours that I am sure she doesn't really have to compile these packets! She has done up a "letter of the week" type theme applying gospel principles to each letter. There is even a song and scripture memory verse with each one. The best part is that they are HIGH QUALITY FREE! I downloaded all the packets available today. I think that my little Violet (3) and Evalynn (2) will love these packets, I think that my HanaRose (6) will even enjoy some of the activities. Great for keeping little hands busy! I am eager to print it out and give them a try!

Thanks again for all the hard working homeschoolers and teachers out there who share your resources with me!

Happy Day!


  1. It always make you feel like the internet is a good thing when you can find awesome things like that out there in the world wide web. I may just give it a try for Joshua, even though he is in Kindergarten. I am looking into alternatives for regular public school for my kids, I am tired of Brianna being held back by her teacher because she has already learned what they are working on. She is repeatedly punished by no recess if she tries to go ahead. I am so glad we are leaving this school behind, and this is the 4th one she has been to, so it's not like we are ignorant to how schools work. I am very intimidated by homeschooling, but know it's not impossible, just have no idea where to start, and will not be able to work if I do. We'll see how Colorado is.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I love your blog. Even though I know in *theory* there are LDS homeschoolers, it seems like I can never find them! So thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. Laura- I too was very intimidated by the challenge of being in charge of the education of my Kiddos. But once we got started....and I committed myself, it just became a way of every day living. I no longer think of it as doing "school" at fact it didn't work so well for us to do it that way. We just make learning a part of our everyday. I am not as brave as the Unschoolers out there, so I do have a "plan" and we do set aside time everyday...but we also go with the flo if something strikes an interest to us. The best reward has been to see my Kiddos succeed...and have less stress doing it. It would be good for your kiddos, especially since you are moving around a lot. I would be glad to answer any questions you have or steer in the direction of some resources. Homeschooling is a big change...I encourage you to pray about it and talk about it with your husband because you will need to both have the same goals in mind in order to support one another. This is one of my favorite quotes that helps me to have the courage to continue:
    .."the sacrifices that fathers and mothers make for their children ultimately will result in the greatest possible happiness for those making the sacrifices. In all of human experience, there are no joys more tender, no love more sweet, no fulfillment higher than that found in the family. Those who honor the calling of righteous parenthood will find their souls refined, their hearts purified, and their minds enlightened by the most important lessons of life. They will rise to far greater heights of happiness than those who engage in the narrow and ultimately unsatisfying pursuit of self." - Elder Bruce D. Porter (June 2011 Ensign "Defending the Family in a Troubled World")