Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let the Packing Begin......

So here we go....time to get everything packed into boxes.

We still haven't sold the house, but we are going to take the next step anyway trusting that God will help us with fitting every piece into the puzzle. I am hoping the house will be easier to sell without us living in it. Meanwhile we get to put our things in storage when we get to our destination and then we will have our "summer" visit with the Grandparents whom thankfully currently have room to accommodate our large family.

With the tasks at hand...I have encouraged my Kiddos to entertain themselves either outside or in their rooms. My older ones help with packing a box here and there, and when the desperate moments come.... I turn on the television. This will be our basic everyday routine until moving day arrives.

I have not narrowed the exact date down, but I do know it will land around the middle of August...which gives us about 4 weeks to prepare. Luckily I have already done lots of prep work by going through all of the rooms and closets getting rid of the things that will not being going with. So packing should be mostly uncomplicated.  Once we have the date set, I will need to reserve the enormous moving truck needed to transport our belongings 2,000 miles NW. After that is the challenge of lining up some extra drivers. We have 3 vehicles (including the moving truck) that will be traveling in the convoy. I of course will be in our suburban with the Kiddos....and possible a dog or two.  We also need a driver for our truck that will be pulling our flat bed trailer full of motorcycles, bicycles and riding lawnmower, I also hope to at least put one of our large dogs in the back of the truck, then of course we need someone to drive the moving truck.  We do have some volunteers already...the challenge will just be the time frame.....most of those available (including my husband) are busy fighting fires in the summer and they work 12 days on with 2 days off.  I am not too worried though, this is not our first rodeo. We have done this a few times before and everything always seems to come together, even if at the last minute!

Well break time is over......

Happy Day!


  1. I just discovered you have a new blog. Glad you are moving closer to family. We are in Utah now, so maybe we'll be able to see you at some point.

  2. I hope so Laura, that would be a fun reunion. Glad you found my blog!