Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're still here

It has been a very busy couple of weeks since I last posted. Every room of our house has been cleaned and organized, including the garage. The only space I have yet to touch is the coat closet, and that will just happen whenever I get inspired. Now the challenge is keeping all of the rooms tidy so that people viewing our home will not be distracted by our living in it. I am not too worried about getting our house sold. I know that this move is the right thing for us so I am going to trust in God to help us through the process. I was a little panicky thinking I needed to hurry and get the walls painted to cover up all of the artwork my toddlers have created over the past two years, but now I am a little more settled. I am going to just take it one room at a time as I can. The most important job I have still remains to be the raising and educating of my kiddos.

We have had a nice little break. Some of our family (including cousins to play with) came visiting last week for several days. The kids played and played and played. The last couple of days have been spent getting rested and cleaned up. I think it is finally time to get back to some order in our day to day.

There are several things on my list of to-dos. We need to sign up for the summer reading program at the library and figure out which activities we want to attend. I am ready to get us into a good routine to distract from the waiting period that we have until we relocate. I have most of our materials for our next year of school, and have started laying it all out in a plan. My goal this week is to refresh my memory on what I had planned and take the next steps so that we can begin soon.

I look forward to finding Balance.

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