Monday, June 20, 2011

And So It Begins!

Before we knew we were moving I was planning on rolling right through the summer with our lessons, taking a week off here and there. So I hurried and ordered materials, laid out the plans for the year, and prepared myself to keep going. THEN, it all changed abruptly when we needed to get the house ready to sell. I have to pat myself on the back here and say that I am amazed at the speed in which I was able to go through every room, organizing, throwing out and packing away the unneeded. I believe it took me about two weeks. Now the challenge has been to keep everything clean. I still need to do a bit of painting but I think I can attack that here and there, besides, most rooms will be easier once we are actually packing things up.

I thought the kids would enjoy this "freedom". But instead what I hear every day is: "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!". I have tried giving many ideas, getting out the crafts, puzzles, games, sprinkler, going swimming in the pool etc. They still seem to be bored. Soooooooo.......back to LESSONS! Hooray!

We started off slow, just trying to get back into a routine after so many disturbances (did I forget to mention that my Hubby has already started his new job, so he has been gone for a couple of weeks, and will get few breaks to come all the way home?).

Everyone did some computer time today and we worked on memorizing some scripture. Lyllian (9yrs) check out her new Math book (Math-U-See : Delta) and completed the first worksheet. She will be beginning division this year. I started Ephraim (7yrs) on his new spelling program: Sequential Spelling, it went really well today, so well that he begged me to do the second lesson with him (this is a boy that HATES spelling). So this is good, I hope it continues to work for him. HanaRose (6yrs) began 1st grade today with some reading lessons. We are using Happy Phonics. She worked on vowel sounds today. They all made their first entry in their journals for the year, we looked through our new lesson binders where we will hold all of our work (I will share what we are doing with that in another posting).  Violet (3yrs) and Evalynn (21mo.) played with Little People and watched Dora the Explorer. 

We ended our day with Family Home Evening....a lesson from the Friend magazine about speaking softly and not stirring up anger. To practice speaking softly we played the telephone game, where we all stood in a line and whispered down to the last person to see if the phrase traveled correctly. Round 1 was played with saying something nice about a person in the room, and round 2 was played with silly rhyming phrases. It was fun, and I am glad we had our 3 yr old in the line-up to change "Hana has pretty eyes." to "I wish you could buy me a barbie!". These are the times memories are made. It was fantastic.

Tomorrows goal is to introduce some more subjects into the mix and see how it goes!
Here's to hanging in there:


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with your speed at getting the house organized and packed so quickly! We recently had to move twice in five months due to job loss. I was so not on top of my game. I am still trying to get it all together.

    We also homeschool. We go mostly year round, just take it a little easier in the summer. I've looked at sequential spelling for my dyslexic daughter. It's a good one for sure. We supplement with Spelling and Vocabulary City. My DD enjoys the games, plus it's FREE!

    Best wishes throwing more into the mix!

    My Attempt at Blogging

  2. Thanks! I did go at an amazing speed as a organized and cleaned each room. I really haven't "packed" yet. I just packed up a few items in the bedrooms like extra toys and blankets that aren't needed right now. The actual packing part shouldn't take too long now that I have already gone through everything. We should pretty much just be able to throw it all in the boxes. I do like Spelling City as well and am planning on using it. Thanks for your support!