Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did we measure up?

We were asked the question today while we were out. It's not the first time a curious observer has been brave enough to approach and ask the question.  In fact I prefer it when we are questioned, instead of just a curious glance or a contempted stare! I see the question as  good publicity for Homeschoolers. It is strange that folks find it so shocking that we could educate our own children. Don't we have to have a Degree? (I don't, but in some states you do). Just in case you're wondering.....that was not the question.

From the time they bless our lives with their presence, we are teaching our children. The first thing they learn is where to find food. We teach them about love, comfort, and safety. By watching and listening to their Parents and Siblings they learn to make sounds and movements. We teach our children every critical survival necessity of life, inside our Homes. How is it that the World finds it hard to believe that we are able to educate our children with all that they will need to know before adulthood? That is my question.
Doesn't this look like a Fun School Day?
We were lucky to go visiting and learned about old tractors and cows!

This morning I told my Kiddos that after we cleaned up our rooms I would take them to the Dollar store (as promised earlier in the week) so that they could pick out something with their own money they have been saving. Magically, rooms were cleaned (with little complaint)! We ate lunch with Dad before he went to work and then headed out to the store. Everyone had a good time walking through the toys. Violet had to learn that she could not get 3 dolls and a pony, but the rest of them did very well in their search and stayed within their budget. As we browsed the rest of the store before checking out a woman who worked there finally got up the nerve to approach.

So here is the question:  "Don't your kids go to School?"
To which I reply: "Yes! We Homeschool. We have actually already finished up for our School Term and are on break for awhile!"
(Followed by a big smile...while the questioner takes it all in and watches closely to see if we are normal.)

She was very nice and waited patiently when checking us out as each of my Kiddos counted out their change to pay for their items. We said our Happy good-byes and loaded up for home. As we drove home the Kids worked on opening their bounty and conversed amongst themselves in delight.
I wondered as I drove....Did we measure up? Were my kids normal in her eyes? I hope NOT I hope that she was able to see a difference. I hope she was able to notice how EASY it was for me to browse through the store with my Five, the toys none-the-less, with little correction needed. I hope she noticed that I was Happy to be taking them there and they were Happy that I did.

Happy Day!

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  1. I feel the same way about my kids, if "normal" means greedy, ill mannered and apathetic, then I don't want normal children!