Friday, May 4, 2012

TOG Report

Loving It!

We are ending week 3 of the Year 1, Unit 3 Tapestry of Grace (TOG) curriculum. It has been a long time since lessons have been so EASY for me to prepare! (read my earlier post about TOG)

It was really easy to implement this program into our daily routine. We were already doing a similar routine...only I was spending HOURS planning....and now I don't have to! Now I have time to plan the fun stuff...and spend more time on the important things like snuggling up with my 6 yr old to have her read to me for a while, or play some games with my preschoolers! It is fabulous.

With five to teach and organize, I often felt that the only thing I was ever getting done was planning and teaching. This week has proved a change!

I actually have:

Gotten out my sewing machines!! Yes I think I will have time to make the girls and I some summer skirts/dresses! And I have already worked on a baby gift for my Sister-in-law. What a wonderful feeling!

I have also been able to to (drum roll please):

MOP THE FLOOR (in the middle of the week!!)
CLEAN THE REFRIGERATOR (again, on a week day!)
PLAN THE LESSONS EARLY (on monday morning I already am ready for the week!)


Create a fun craft activity to go with our Bible story this week:

I printed out a whale picture that we glued onto a paper tube (both sides) and looped a string through the middle so it can hang. I found a 'Jonah' picture on the web and they colored one of those and we attached him to the the tube with string (so he won't get lost). Now Jonah can be 'swallowed' by sticking him inside the tube in the middle of the whale. And the great thing is you have to fold his arms for him to I told the kiddos that it showed he was praying inside the belly of the fish! It was a lot of fun and a break from the usual!

We are loving the reading list for our TOG unit. Our family reading has been engaging and the kids beg me to read to them! Lyllian is enjoying her reading assignments and being the fast reader she is she finished a book, that was suppose to spread out over a two week period, in a manner of days. Her writing activities are great because she is learning how to write an 'essay' in the form of a newspaper article. By the end of the unit she will have created a whole newspaper about the time period we are studying. How fun is that?!

I also still get to use our Story of the World books and activities sprinkled into the mix. The lessons plans actually have suggested reading from that book.

There haven't been HUGE changes, which is nice because I don't know that the kids even notice much of a difference. But I feel relief and that is good because my BP has been way too high recently!

TOG  has helped put the happy to return to our lessons!

Happy Day!

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