Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini-Farm Project

Just a quick update so you can see what is happening besides our regular school lessons.

We have begun some new projects to broaden our learning experiences and get us involved with the community. To document our project I have created a new page tab labeled: Mini-Farm Project. Here is a brief snippet of what is on there so far:

We are so excited to finally have a home and a property where we can raise some animals! What a great learning opportunity for us all! I grew up around dairy farms and all sorts of animals but never had the responsibility of raising them myself. My Hubby grew up with all sorts, and raised sheep for 4-H. This will be a first time experience for our kiddos. They have only seen farm animals from a distance or at the fair.

Our purpose for beginning a small animal farm is to: help us become more self-reliant and to teach our kiddos valuable lessons and skills needed for a fruitful and productive life.

Click on the new page tab to find out more about this project!
Happy Day!

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