Thursday, October 13, 2011

If we do nothing else.....

We are having one of those stretches that just seems impossible to get all of our lessons done. This is the way things have been working out a lot lately. The current road blocks (besides still not living in our own home) is that we have an awful virus rotating through. I am not so certain that we haven't had more than one virus. About the time we feel better....we feel awful again. I think it has finally touched everyone so I don't need to wait for the next one to get it....but we do have to wait to feel better.

In my prayer pleas to get better, I have also been praying for the guilt I feel for not doing all of our lessons. The assurance I received was that if we do nothing else....have family prayer and study the scriptures! Last week I introduced Scripture Journals to my kiddos. We are using composition books to record what we are learning from our  Book of Mormon studies. I am using the Scripture Stories as our guide. I have seen and thought about Scripture Journaling before, but I received new inspiration from here at Latter-Day Homeschooling. I am keeping it simple, not making them write an entire page or have perfect spelling. I want them to get the important lesson out of this and that is: a love of reading and study of the scriptures.
To dress up our journals we are finding some clipart from here. I wanted to share some photos of them...but (sigh) I left the camera with my Hubby when we went to visit him this past weekend. Pictures will have to wait.

So I have made Scripture Journaling the most important part of our day, as it should be, and it has reduced my guilty feelings of not finishing all of our lessons during these crazy days of home limbo, interruptions, and illness.

Be encouraged that if you are having a rough week, it's okay "if you do nothing else...have family prayer and study the scriptures!". You will come out on top in the end!

Happy Day!

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